Plumeria Basics

Cuttings are true copies of the parent, and can be brought for other areas and grown locally.

Plant in soil that drains with no standing water.

Do not water cutting until leaves show on top. Leaves show that roots are able to absorb water, otherwise stem rot will begin. Let soil dry out before watering again.

Plumeria seeds make new hybrids, scents, and colors.

Plumerias flower April thru October and begin dormancy in late Fall thru February. Protect from cold and excess water.

Fertilizers are key to strong, productive plants. Foliar feeding is efficient.

If placed in cool water, blossoms will last for a few days longer. Some flowers are more fragrant than other, colors are vibrant.

Our Mission…
Educate the membership in the culture, development, hybridization, propagation and research of Plumeria (aka, “Frangipani’) Promote interest in and increase knowledge of Plumeria, share this knowledge, and provide a forum for the South Coast Plumeria Society members…
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